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Day off, and hence journal posting day, but I've got too much and too little to say. I've considered adopting the 'Weekly Update' post thing from [ profile] lizzie_and_ari but I don't know if I have enough to say to fill one of those out.

Stuff is pretty good, though, for the most part. Work continues in that way that it does, and my interview is coming up next week. I'm preparing for it the best I can but I'd still appreciate all the crossed fingers I can get on Tuesday, kthx. I like selling books, or, more to the point, putting together school book list (since that's what I'm doing the majority of the time right now). I'm good at it, quick and efficient, and people have already started recognizing it. If I do have to stay on at Blackwell for another few months it won't be the end of the world, especially once I can drop the Most Boring Job in the World at the Galleries.

There is a lot of stuff in my head about photography right now; lots and lots of stuff and yet I haven't actually taken any pictures in ages. This is a bit sad, and I need to rectify it, as well as start putting into motion some of my plans and projects. I've been stuck on the idea that in order to really get to the next level I need more money in order to buy things - lenses, lighting rigs, better editing software, classes, etc. - and I'm not sure if it's really true or not. I know I would make use of more equipment, but I can and have produced pictures I've been proud of with only what I have now, so maybe I should just accept my limitations for the time being and keep doing what I'm doing. I don't know. I really want a new lens, damnit. And a lighting rig. And a pony. (Ponies are cute).

Just as an aside, I was thinking today how lucky I am to be in a talented and generous friendsgroup these days. There always seem to be projects flying about, opportunities being offered, help given, encouragement at the ready. I really love it, and though sometimes I feel like an impostor it's nevertheless thrilling and exciting to watch these insane people I call friends do their thing.

Today has been a lazy day of mixed productivity; I walked all over in the rain trying to find cat litter and failing. I do like the weather as it is now - warm, with intermittent summer drizzle that's nice to fall asleep to. Some people complain it's too humid, to which I say: You don't know you've been born. That being said, if it keeps up I am going to start making my own wine lollies; you all are welcome to join me.

My mp3 player has been serenading me with Ani DiFranco and Rufus Wainwright all day. Ziggy is purring in my lap and Scout is draped across the back of the futon dreaming. There is still tidying to finish and chicken & mushroom risotto to make, and later there will be good friends and feminist movies and wine. What a lovely summer night. xx
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I have been a bad internetter - unfortunately, I don't think this is going to change anytime soon. It's not that I'm working a ton, just that it's six days a week and none of it's at a computer (or, when it is, I'm not allow to check email on punishment of dismissal) and I'm busy/tired the rest of the time.

Anyway, Wednesdays will probably be 'update days' for the time being, since they're my only day off. I have spent mine thus far eating yogurt and granola, tidying the flat, rescuing a cat from the top of the door and sitting around in my robe. It's been nice. Both my jobs are going okay - I actually really like the bookseller position and the galleries are inoffensive at worst, and dead easy at best. Money is a bit tight but should ease up by the end of the month, and July is shaping up to be a less expensive month than June was, thank goodness.

I've got a couple of long-term projects in the works that I'm quite excited about; one's with the lovely [ profile] andabusers and one relating back to my body-image post the other day. I've also got a few potential leads on photography-related things (some are even paid!) and have been writing a lot lately, which is nice.

Also, a picture. I call it 'Remember That Novel Where All the Books Were Burned?'



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